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Gemstone handbook

Gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal in polished and cut form, which has significant exquisiteness and long-lasting nature. Gems are categorized in terms of refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture and luster. Gemstones are often treated to enhance the color or clarity of the stone. Depending on the type and extent of treatment, they can affect the value of the stone. Due to the healing properties, spiritual power and eternal beauty, gemstones have been preferred and accepted by people from many generations.

Gemstones are basically classified in two variants, precious and semi-precious stones.Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are categorized under precious gemstones and all other types gemstones like an Onyx, a Garnet, a Moonstone or an Agate etc., are considered to be semi precious. Gemstones are measured in carats similar to diamonds and some of the attributes that affect the weight are density and specific gravity (SG).

Gemstone’s cut and color are prevalent attributes to be checked while buying it. The appeal and brightness of the gemstone are dependent on the cut of the gemstone, as it enhances both the attributes. Usually, different gemstones are cut in various ways. If the natural color of the gemstone appears noble beneath all lights, then the gemstone is said to be authentic. The variations in the color depend on the structure of the stone and impurities with in. Hence, before buying a gemstone, please do this simple check.

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Our Gemstone handbook assists you to know about various gemstones available in market and also to pick the perfect gemstone according to your taste and astrological beliefs to cherish forever. Below is the gemstone as per Indian astrology.




Mesha Aries Coral
Vrishabha Taurus Diamond
Karkataka Cancer Pearl
Simha Leo Ruby
Kanya Virgo Emerald
Thula Libra Diamond
Vrischika  Scorpio Coral
Dhanu Sagittarius Yellow Sapphire
Makara Capricorn Blue Sapphire
Khumbha Aquarius Blue Sapphire
Meena Pisces Yellow Sapphire


In India, nine precious stones (check the table for names) are correlated to the nine main planets and are considered to be ray of hope and faith to decide one’s destiny. It is believed that the negative energies would be detached and the positive vibes would be amplified by wearing these gemstones as a ring or pendant.


Coral is associated with the zodiac sign “Aries” (also called “Mesha Raasi”) and its color tone varies from bright red to burning orange color. It signifies courage, fearlessness and is said to cure some of the health ailments.


Diamond is associated with the zodiac signs “Taurus” (also called as “Vrishaba raasi”) and “Libra” (also called as “Thula raasi”). It is treated as the most precious and effective of all the gemstones. Two significant factors to be considered while buying a diamond are its cut and color. It signifies eternal love, success and long life.


Emerald is associated with zodiac sign “Gemini” (also called as “Mithuna raasi”). Its color tone varies from light liquid green to dark and dense shades and sometimes it also exhibits secondary shades of yellow and blue as well. It signifies great intellectual capabilities and concentration.


Pearl is associated with the zodiac sign “Cancer” (also called as “Karkataka raasi”). It exhibits different color shades from milky white to blue, pink and even black, though white is usually preferred. It signifies emotional stability and creativity.


Ruby is associated with zodiac sign “Leo” (also called as “Simha raasi”). Its natural shade is red and based on its place of origin, its color tone varies from a dark scarlet to shades of pink to even a blazing orange. It signifies enormous power boost and enhances mortality

Yellow sapphire:

Yellow sapphire is associated with zodiac signs “Sagittarius” (also called as “Dhanu raasi”) and “Pisces” (also called as “Meena raasi”). Its color tone is usually pale yellow but sometimes vary from the color of daffodils to honey color. It signifies wealth and advancement of status.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is associated with zodiac signs “Capricorn” (also called as “Makara raasi”) and “Aquarius” (also called as “Khumba raasi”). Its color tones vary from light lilac to a bright and brilliant blue. It signifies protection and considered to be yielding amazing results swiftly.

Below chart depicts the list of gemstones based on English calendar, which is accepted internationally.



January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Tourmaline
November Citrine
December Topaz


Birthstone Month: January

Impact: This is considered to be a protective shield against all hurdles in your life.

Garnet comes in multiple shades and hence called as a radiant gem. Different color variants in garnet are red, green, orange, pink and purple. If you are a color admirer, then go for these dazzling colors to flaunt your style. It is also considered to be perfect gift to give it to your loved ones.


Birthstone Month: February

Impact: This is considered to clear the roadblocks and provide solutions in the best way, especially for owners, proprietors as per the ancient beliefs.

Amethyst color tone varies from deep violet to lighter shades and comes in various shapes and sizes. This unique color shade is so appealing and goes well with all your outfits with warm and cool colors. This is one of the most adorned gemstone due to its affordability.


Birthstone Month: March

Impact: This is considered to be symbol of health, hope and wealth.

Aquamarine, the name itself signifies the color as the shades of sky blue and sea, and varies as pastel blue, greenish-blue and deep blue. Deep shades are considered to be more precious as they are rarely available.


Birthstone Month: April

Impact: This is considered to be a symbol for everlasting love and admiration.

Diamonds are loved by everyone due to its sparkling nature and considered as the most precious stone all over the world. They come in different sizes and colors, and their looks are amplified when paired with gold and platinum.


Birthstone Month: May

Impact: This is considered to be symbol of love, rebirth and fertility.

Emerald shades vary from dark green to multiple shades of green. It is considered as one of the rarest and wonderful gemstones. Emeralds are the best way to show the royalty factor in you, as it adds elegance with its beautiful shades.


Birthstone Month: June

Impact: This signifies knowledge, honesty, innocence, sanctity, and feminine nature.

Pearls color shades vary from milky white to blue, pink and even black, though white has universal acceptance. These are very special gemstones as they come from the living creatures, though modern methods are used. Pearl jewellery adds grace and elegance to any kind of outfit.


Birthstone Month: July

Impact: This signifies passion, love, divinity, courage, good luck and fortune.

Ruby exhibits multiple color shades ranging from purple-red to orange-red. It has been the most favorite gemstone of royals in ancient times. Ruby is preferred for gemstone jewellery due to its availability in different shapes.


Birthstone Month: August

Impact: This signifies protection and healing abilities.

Unlike other gemstones, Peridot is available in only one color, which is lime green. Due to its availability in various shapes, peridot is used in making unique jewellery. This is one of the most affordable and readily available gemstone.


Birthstone Month: September

Impact: This signifies morality, purity, hope and fidelity.

Sapphires come in various shades of blue ranging from violet blue to deep blue and in numerous shapes. It is the symbol of royalty and brings elegance to the adorned person. This is considered as one of the expensive gemstones.


Birthstone Month:October

Impact: This signifies perfection, passion, life and energy

The color tone of tourmaline is a blend of pink and red ruby and possesses a unique shining nature. It is believed that this gemstone could wipe-off all the bad evils and energies and gives stability in life.


Birthstone Month: November

Impact: This signifies success, prosperity and protective shield against evils.Citrine is a radiant gem and its color shades vary from a series of succulent lemon yellow to a bright orange-brown. It is considered as one of the easily accessible and affordable gemstone available in different shapes and sizes


Birthstone Month: December

Impact: This signifies love, healing power and protection.Topaz comes in multiple shades like yellow, brown, green, blue, red, pink as well as in transparent. Orange and pink combination topaz is considered to be the most expensive gemstone among all other colored topazes. This gemstone looks are accentuated when paired with gold or silver.

Guidelines for storing and caring your gemstones:

Cleaning your gemstones and gemstone fitted jewellery:

Never soak the gemstones or gemstone fitted jewellery in water, as it may loosen the stones fitting and can cause the stones to fall out. In order to clean these kind of jewellery, take a wet cloth dipped in soapy water and gently wipe the stone ornaments with proper care. Later, allow them to air-dry in order to remove any extra moisture between the stones. Cleaning them often to avoid building dirt and to preserve your stones sparkling.

Storing the jewellery in right way:

  • Always store the jewellery in a soft fabric or velvet lined cases to avoid catching moisture
  • Gemstone jewellery should be kept in separate box instead of storing with other jewellery to avoid dents or loss of stones
  • Pearl jewellery need to be stored in separate soft silky pouches to prevent unnecessary scratches to delicate pearls.
  • Wipe-off the sweat before storing the fine jewellery subsequently after the usage
  • Never store the gold jewellery with artificial jewellery as gold can easily catch dents and scratches due to its soft nature.

General tips for Jewellery care:

  • Check them often once in 6 months to see if they require any appropriate cleaning
  • Wear your jewellery only after applying your makeup or routine cosmetics, as chemicals can undoubtedly damage the gold
  • Make sure to take off the jewellery before going to hot bath or pool
  • Finally, proper way of cleaning and storing the jewellery from time to time is equally important to retain its shine forever.

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